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OrganizationSSL - Extra levels of authentication for extra trust

Secure your web site with highly trusted and traditionally vetted strong security SSL Certificate capable of 256 bit encryption. In times of increased phishing attacks and identity theft, your customers look to you to secure sensitive information sent over the Internet with the strongest encryption from the most credible security providers. OrganizationSSL Certificates activate the "little yellow padlock" and secure your ecommerce transactions, web account logins, webmail, network traffic and online services with unsurpassed levels of authentication, integrity, confidentiality and non-repudiation. OrganizationSSL Certificates are organisation vetted - meaning that website visitors see your vetted company details, enhancing the trust they place in your website and providing more confidence to do business with you.

Your company’s existence is verified through third party databases and your company documentation. OrganizationSSL has a high level of customer trust because your company name and address are included within the actual Certificate. Your Site Seal profile also shows your company details (registered or trading address can be shown). Secure your transactions and let customers know you have been vetted. This Certificate takes 2 business days to issue.

  • Organisation validated - customers see your validated company details in the SSL Certificate and your Site Seal profile
  • 2048 bit future proof SSL Certificates
  • SGC security for minimum 128 bit to 256 bit SSL encryption levels
  • Universal Compatibility with all browsers and devices
  • Wildcard SSL & Unified Communications SSL - Simple cost effective support for complex multi-domain server configurations
  • Secures both www.domain.com and domain.com (without the www)
  • AutoCSR - CSRs are optional, not mandatory
  • Secure Site Seal
  • 3 for the price of 1 server licensing
  • Unlimited reissues / replacements for lifetime of Certificate
  • Multi-year savings
  • $100k Warranty - underwritten Liability Program
  • Installation healthcheck
  • Shows you are trusted by GlobalSign - a globally recognised brand associated with Internet security since 1996

OrganizationSSL is available in two Certificate types:

Standard SSL - secures a single domain name
Wildcard SSL - allows you to secure an infinite number of sub domains on the same domain with the same Certificate and same IP address


Standard SSL

Term Price
1 year Rs 6200.00
2 years Rs 11000.00
3 years Rs 15100.00
4 years Rs 18400.00
5 years Rs 21400.00
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Wildcard SSL

Term Price
1 year Rs 16700.00
2 years Rs 29900.00
3 years Rs 40900.00
4 years Rs 49900.00
5 years Rs 58100.00
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